Partner With Us

This is where you come in. Or, in the words of Jerry Maguire, Help Me Help You.

Mental Health & Chronic Illness Advocates: If you are a mental health or chronic illness advocate, and would like help promoting your event, campaign, program, fundraiser, awareness initiative, you name it, we’re here to help. Thanks to technology, our assistance can be location independent, so we’d love to help wherever you are in the world. (Bonus, if you’re local to the Philly/South Jersey area, we may even be able to do an in-person collaboration or make an appearance at your event).

Local organizations & businesses: Interested in hosting an awareness event? We can work with you to put one together, or connect you with one of our advocate partners.

Schools & Universities: Youth and young adult mental health advocacy is hugely important, and we love seeing groups at schools, colleges, and universities being active in opening up about mental health and creating awareness. Whether you’re a grass roots club or group, or your a student chapter of a local organization on campus, we’d love to hear what you’re up to, and how we can help and promote.

Learn more about each of these opportunities on our Get Involved page!