The Spread Hope Project grew out of the idea that so many of us often feel alone, even when surrounded by others. Our mission is to spread hope to as many places and people as possible, both through our own advocacy efforts, and through helping other advocates build and promote efforts. We aim to let people know that each and every one of us matters, and that no matter how hopeless a situation may feel, they are not alone. By making visible the message of Hope, we aim to erase taboos and stigmas, and replace them with compassion, understanding, and a feeling of community. 

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From The Founder

Hi! I’m Maya Northen Augelli, the founder of Spread Hope Project. I’m an avid mental health, suicide prevention, and chronic illness advocate who battles rapid cycling cyclothymia (a mood cycling disorder), anxiety, migraines, IBS, and occasional neuro symptoms whose cause has yet to be determined. I began by sharing my journey with illness on my … Continue reading From The Founder

Photo Project

The idea for Spread Hope Project began with a shirt. While volunteering at an  event for AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), I acquired a shirt with the featuring the word “Hope” and the AFSP logo. After wearing the shirt a couple of times, I noticed the surprising number of  compliments/acknowledgements I received – or … Continue reading Photo Project

Spread Hope Shop

Did you know? All of our the Spread Hope Project shirts featured in our photos are available in our Zazzle Store. And they’re customizable. Love a shirt but not your color? You can choose to customize from a variety of available colors. Or maybe coffee mugs are more your style? We’ve got regular mugs and … Continue reading Spread Hope Shop