What is the Spread Hope Project?

The Spread Hope Project grew out of the idea that so many of us often feel alone, even when surrounded by others. Our mission is to spread hope to as many places and people as possible, both through our own advocacy efforts, and through helping other advocates build and promote their projects, programs, awareness events, and more.  From mental health and chronic illness advocacy, to chipping away at the stigma surrounding suicide, to our community based projects and partnerships, we aim to let people know that each and every one of us matters, and that no matter how hopeless a situation may feel, they are not alone. By making visible the message of Hope, and by bringing it directly to people on a local level through our outreach campaigns and advocacy partnerships, we want to erase taboos and stigmas, and replace them with compassion, understanding, and a feeling of community. 


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We want to connect with people. That’s what we’re all about – it’s how hope is spread, after all.  In addition to partnering on your advocacy efforts, we’re always open to suggestion for new photo locations, project ideas, and ways to Spread Hope. Have a school or university that wants to be involved? Let us know! Interested in your business or organization being featured? Reach out! Have a great Spread Hope campaign idea? We’re all ears! And or  course, take photos. Lots of them. Create a handmade sign or poster or craft project with the word Hope if you’d like. And if you don’t have any swag, that’s perfectly fine too – a picture featuring you is fantastic on its own. So however you choose, snap a photo in a place  where you’d like to spread hope, post it, and use the hashtag #SpreadHopeProject. We can’t wait to see it! 



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