Projects & Happenings

What are we up to? What projects are coming up soon? Find all the information on our latest projects here!

  • We Went Live! On Wednesday, October 10th, Spread Hope Project Founder Maya Northen Augelli was featured on Crazy Talk, hosted by the amazing Lee Thomas. Crazy Talk is a podcast that’s broadcast live on Facebook that brings open conversation about mental health. Maya spoke about journey and experiences living with rapid cycling cyclothymia, her advocacy efforts, and more. You view the feature here!
  • Spread Hope Gear: You know those Hope shirts we sport in many of our photos? Well, you can get one too! Not only that, you can customize the colors! And if you think, man I’d love Spread Hope Gear but I already have so many shirts for my favorite causes, that’s cool! We have coffee mugs, travel mugs, hats, pins, totes, stickers, and more. Even your dog can be snazzy in a Spread Hope collar! Check out our Zazzle store for all Spread Hope Merchandise. And if there’s something you’d like that we don’t yet have, let us know! We’re always looking for ideas!
  • Upcoming events we support: Part of what we do here at Spread Hope Project is to help promote other mental health and chronic illness advocates, and their efforts, events, awareness campaigns, and more.¬† For a list of upcoming from fellow advocates and area organizations, check out our “Events We Support” tab!

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