Projects & Happenings

“Hope Is” Instagram Campaign: We believe hope can be found in the smallest moments. Sometimes, it’s something as simple as a warm drink on a cold day, a beautiful sunrise or sunset to lift your spirit, the cuddles of a fur-friend. Sometimes, it’s seeing a random phrase that inspires or motivates you, or a kind word from a loved one or a fellow advocate. Hope can come in so many forms, big and small, and we want to document these daily. So each day, we’re posting one (or more) things that inspires hope in us that day, and tagging it #HopeIs. At the end Each Friday, we’re doing a Round-Up post of the week’s hopeful moments on our blog.  Follow us on Instagram to see our daily Hope Is posts.

Spread Hope Sign Making Party:  Sometimes, it just takes a little sign – literally. So we gathered together some favorite Hope-full sayings from friends, family, and fellow advocates, and now, we’re having a sign making party. We’re gathering friends, getting crafty, and making old school signs with these sayings plus a few of our own. We’ll be posting these signs on social media once completed. Want to make a sign but can’t join us in person? That’s OK! You can join us virtually. Make your hopeful sign post it on social media and tag #SpreadHopeProject. We’ll be sure to share it on our media as well! Or, send us along the saying you’d like, and we’ll make a sign for you and post it!

Hope Is Road Trip(s) 2019?:  We want to take Spread Hope Project on the road! Or in other words, we’re coming to you! Here’s the idea: We’ll chart out a road trip in which we’ll have the opportunity to meet up with fellow advocates. We’ll share information about each advocate we meet to help promote their efforts, and document the trip via photos (that of course will go on social media) and our blog. This is still a work in progress, and we’ll update you as it comes along. Are you a patient advocate interested in meeting up along our road trips(s)? Let us know! We’d love to meet you and help promote your efforts. We’re based in the U.S. East Coast, so will be starting from there. But don’t let that deter you from raising your hand if you’re not nearby – you never know how far we may circle out!

Yoga Benefit Workshops, retreats, and more – Coming in 2019! The target date for these is summer to fall 2019. Details are still in the works. The idea behind these is to offer yoga classes, events, and retreats, and a portion of the proceeds for these will go to charity or nonprofit organization that supports mental health/chronic illness. Some of these may be incorporated into the road trip above, so even if you’re not based in our area, keep an eye out …. We may be coming your way.

*If you’re a yoga instructor that would like to partner on a workshop, retreat, or yoga benefit event in your area, please contact us!


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