Projects & Happenings

What are we up to? What projects are coming up soon? Find all the information on our latest projects here!

30 Days of Self Care:  September is National Self Care Month. To emphasize the importance of self care, offer suggestions, and quite frankly, remind ourselves to do our own self care, we’ll be posting self-care ideas and images on Instagram every day throughout September (check out our IG live, especially).


National Suicide Prevention Month: September is National Suicide Prevention Month, and September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. Truly, we believe EVERY day should be suicide prevention day. But we’re doing a special focus on this extremely important cause across our blog and social media outlets throughout the month.

On September 10th, we’re calling for everyone to wear purple and/or teal (both would be amazing!), the colors of suicide prevention.  Post your pic, use as many suicide prevention hashtags as you can (examples: #suicideprevention #stopsuicide #WSPD – short for World Suicide Prevention Day, #yourlifematters #youmatter #youarenotalone. There are many others). And of course, we’d love you to tag #SpreadHopeProject too. But most importantly, get the word out about Suicide Prevention.


Spread Hope Gear: You know those Hope shirts we sport in many of our photos? Well, you can get one too! Not only that, you can customize the colors! And if you think, man I’d love Spread Hope Gear but I already have so many shirts for my favorite causes, that’s cool! We have coffee mugs, travel mugs, hats, pins, totes, stickers, and more. Even your dog can be snazzy in a Spread Hope collar! Check out our Zazzle store for all Spread Hope Merchandise. And if there’s something you’d like that we don’t yet have, let us know! We’re always looking for ideas!


Upcoming events we support:  Not only do we run projects and campaigns, but we also support a lot of external events, projects, and opportunities to raise awareness. Here are a couple coming up that we’re excited about:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) Walks: Join the Philadelphia Walk on Sunday, October 7th, and the Camden County (NJ) walk on Sunday, October 14th.




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