It’s Been A Busy Few Weeks

So, we’ve been a little behind in our blogging and posting, we know. We’ve been occupied with a home renovation and wedding planning (eek!), plus super busy work schedules,  which leaves us exhausted at the end of the day.  Throw in some chronic illness and viola! you fall behind on blogging.  And when you’re schedule is jam packed from sunrise until bedtime, you don’t get a ton of chances to travel around the region for Spread Hope Project photos.

Still, we don’t want to lose sight of our mission and vision, and we know that the way to stay true to those is through action.  Because as busy as life has been keeping us lately, we also want to be busy spreading hope to as many people in as many places as we can. So here’s what we’re going to be working on over the course of the next few months:

  • Spread Hope merchandise – more shirts, as well as some some non-clothing items
  • Sign-making day. We’ll be gathering friends, in person and virtually, to create Spread Hope signs. The more people who participate, the more hope we can spread, and they’ll be used in some additional upcoming projects.
  • Destination Day. Let’s see how many destinations we can reach!
  • Participating in the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Out of Darkness Overnight Walk for suicide prevention.  This is our fourth year walking, and we’re excited to head to DC for the walk this summer.
  • Growing our future destination list! Ok, so we’re always doing this, but we’ll be doing a push for suggested destinations.
  • Mental Health Month. May is Mental Health Month, and we’ll be participating in as many special campaigns as we can!

Each of these efforts is worthy of their own post, and we’ll definitely be sharing more in the near future. For now, wanted to let you know we’re still here and still committed – just a little extra tired and running a little ragged. Thank you for sticking with us!


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