Mental Health Month

May is known for a lot of things. May Day. May Flowers. Memorial Weekend and the unofficial start of summer. And while I enjoy all of these things, May is also important for another reason that’s close to my heart… and brain. May is Mental Health Month. While I personally think every month should be mental health month, because the topic needs that much awareness and education and support, I appreciate the designation. It brings to the forefront, or makes an effort to at least, a topic that so many still feel is taboo.  It gives those who may not always feel comfortable talking about it a “reason” to do so. It helps those who might be on the fence about standing up to fight against stigma a gentle nudge in that direction – after all, so many people are talking about it, and there’s “safety in numbers” right? And while I wish society didn’t need this “permission”, this “safety”, the bottom line is, it does.  So at least Mental Health Month gives us a place to start.

Throughout out the month, the Spread Hope Project will be ramping up our efforts. I mentioned some of our upcoming plans in my last post, and I’m sure I’ll have a few surprises up my sleeve – even to myself.  The benefit of a brain that’s thought patterns look like spaghetti flung against the wall is that you do often come up with new and creative ideas when you least expect it (like at 2am, or in the shower, for instance). Of course, I’m always open to ideas too!

So please, follow along on our Mental Health Month journey on here, on Instagram, and on twitter hashtag with the #spreadhopeproject. Heck, use it yourself! In fact, you know what? Let’s start right now (random spaghetti at the wall idea that came to me as I was writing this):  Let’s see how many people we can get to use the hashtag #spreadhopeproject on twitter today! If you want to follow me, you can do so here. But even if you don’t (I won’t be offended, don’t worry), give the Spread Hope Project a shout out with the hashtag above.

Thanks for the love, and the HOPE!


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